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It might be an era that passed over 40 years ago, however the style of the 60’s still surrounds us. The prominence of the cool era can be seen in no clearer way than through the hit TV show Mad Men, which is soon to commence its seventh and final season. With style becoming ever more prominent in modern television, shows not only look to explore deep and thorough plots that a Hollywood blockbuster would be proud of, but also display a stylish edge that takes you on a realistic journey to a period in history. When it comes to exuding an air of style through television, no one does it better than Mad Men. Sharply dressed and immaculately groomed, the cast is second to none when it comes to portraying characters with slick style.

Whether you’re looking to suit up for everyday work, a wedding or you’re heading to the races, take a step back and opt for classic outfit in the fitting with Mad Men’s finest, styled in the booming prime of Madison Avenue.

Your suit is the prominent item when considering an outfit, as it’s the foundation upon which the rest of your look is built. Shirts and ties are great at adding depth to an ensemble, however it’s the jacket and trousers that first catch the eye. In trademark grey, star character Don Draper frequently opts for a subtle yet stylish number. Whilst rarely pushing the boat out, his tailoring often incorporates a statement chequered look, which whilst subtle and understated, sets him apart from the drab formal business wear of his colleagues. Perfectly juxtaposing the corporate feel of Madison Avenue with the creative nature of advertising, Draper’s suits hold a perfect medium. With notched lapels and a slim style, this gives off the ultimate masculine feel.
Get the look – limehaus Grey Suit with Blue Overcheck

The mistake many men make when choosing a suit is prioritising style over fit. It doesn’t matter how nice or expensive your suit looks, if it doesn’t fit, then it isn’t going to look the part. Examining the Mad Men look, Draper, Sterling et al all showcase impeccable, snug fitting suits; perfectly suited to the city businessman. Opt to a start thick at the shoulders and chest before tapering in towards the midriff and waist, ensuring that you get the textbook V-shape style. Hit the right fit and you’ll find that just like Draper, you’re wearing the suit, rather than the suit hanging off you.
Get the look: The guide to a perfect fit.

We all know that nowadays, shirts come in an assortment of styles, colours and fits. If you’re after the classic look however, there’s only one option. The classic crisp white, well fitted and tucked fully in.
Get the look: Go for a timeless crisp white shirt.

The 60’s era of Mad Men showcases an assortment of ties. From playful patterned options on show within the lower status realms of the workplace, to statement ties in the boardroom. If you’re wanting to show character through your tie, going over the top and garish isn’t the way to go. Plain neutral colours always look smart when paired with your suit. If you want to add depth through your tie, do it through utilising different textures, rather than outrageous colours and patterns.
Get the look: Go subtle and stylish  with accessories.

Pocket square
Simple, stylish and effective, the pocket square is the metaphorical cherry on top of the cake. It doesn’t have to always be present, but when added correctly to compliment your whole outfit, the pocket square just adds a sublime finishing touch.

A common misconception for many men is that shoes go unnoticed and aren’t important, which couldn’t be more wrong. A perfectly fitting sharp and fashionable suit can be completely destroyed by pairing it with cheap footwear. If you’re opting for the high flying look of the 60’s and 70’s, then you can’t go wrong with a pair of classic, well shined black Oxfords.

Photo Credit: Christina Saint Marche via Compfight cc