16 October 2018
How to Dress for the Office: Interview and Workwear Rules

How to Dress for the Office: Interview and Workwear Rules

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Making a good impression is key to securing your dream job and nothing says smart, refined and focused better than a man in a well-fitting suit. Now, while many workplaces have embraced a much more relaxed dress code recently than in previous years, looking smart in a suit is an essential skill to have for meetings, interviews and day-to-day working life if your job has a smart dress code.

Here at Suit Direct, we’re strong advocates of looking your best at all times and understand that dressing great makes you feel better, giving you that all important confidence to nail your job interview and impress at the office daily, here’s our essential workwear rules:

Dress to Impress

Wearing a sharp suit is a great first step to make when meeting a potential new employer and shows that you take pride in your appearance. Often if employees turn up looking shabby, an employer can think you won’t take pride in the job if you don’t care about your own appearance. A well cut suit from our business and men’s work suits edit looks smart and suave, showing that if you do need to dress for the occasion to meet clients or attend formal work events, you have the skills to do so.

Choose Grey or Navy Suits

While black suits are timelessly smart, they’re also extremely formal and can give off a more serious and formal vibe if you wear one to an interview. Its best to avoid an all-black suit and opt for a lighter colour. Grey or navy office suits tend to work much better, looking slightly more relaxed but still formal enough for the occasion, if you do want to wear black mix it up and pair a black suit jacket with lighter coloured trousers, or the other way around for a more casual look.

Remember the Finer Details

Now, once you have the suit for work, ensuring that it fits properly is key – take a look at our suit fit guide for more details if you’re unsure. Comb your hair, be sure to check your hands are clean and that your shoes are smart and polished. The type of job you’re going for will help to determine the shoe choice that you make, but as a general rule brogues, loafers or even traditional Oxford style shoes work best with suit trousers and will give off the impression you know how to dress smart and maintain a stylish appearance.

While individual work environments each require a different dress code, you really can’t go wrong when wearing a smart suit, shirt and trousers combination. Follow our tips to ensure that you bag that new job and look great in the office everyday afterwards!