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What is a cummerbund?

A cummerbund is a broad, pleated sash that wraps around the waist, usually as part of a tuxedo. They add a flash of contrast to the shirt and trousers, and can give an opportunity to add unique colour.

How to wear a cummerbund?

Cummerbunds are easy to wear. Simply wrap around the waist over the meeting of your trousers and shirt, and lay the jacket over the top.

Which way up does a cummerbund go?

A cummerbund has a natural, bowed shape. The arch and pleats should always point downwards.

How to wear a cummerbund with suspenders?

Suspenders should always sit under the cummerbund - part of the function of the cummerbund is to cover the utilitarian clips and buttons.

How to wear a tuxedo cummerbund?

Cummerbunds these days often have an adjustable strap and a clip fastening, making it easier than ever to wear a tuxedo cummerbund. Simply wrap it around your waist, adjust to fit and fasten it up.