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What colour shirt with black suit?

A white shirt is a perfect match with a black suit - this adds a sharp, formal contrast without being too garish.

What colour tie with black suit?

Any tie will match with a black suit - this is the perfect opportunity to add a spot of colour to a basic black and white wardrobe.

What colour waistcoat with black suit?

A black waistcoat is an effortless way to match up with a black formal suit, but navys, greys and even reds can make an impressive flash of colour. If you’re feeling bold, take one of the latter.

How to wear a black suit?

Black suits are very easy to wear - for a classic, versatile look, wear your suit with a white shirt, black shoes and a black tie.

When to wear a black suit?

Black suits are a very formal option. They’re ideal - of course - for black tie events, or formal dress codes - but can be somewhat outdated for weddings and christenings with a more jovial atmosphere.