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What shirt to wear with a linen suit?

A linen suit is built for lightweight breathability, so your shirt should be too. Premium cotton is a must, but a short sleeved shirt or Oxford shirt is perfectly acceptable for a linen suit.

What shoes to wear with a linen suit?

As long as it isn’t sandals, you’ll generally look fine with any shoes matched up with a linen suit. Brown brogues are ideal for a formal look, but smart trainers are still a great match if the dress code allows it.

What shoes to wear with white linen suit?

Despite their bright colour, white suits are very versatile. A brown pair of brogues is a stylish look, but plain white trainers can look fantastic too.

When to wear linen suits?

Linen suits are best suited for summer occasions, especially outdoors in the sunshine. These are often called Panama suits as they were developed for the region’s hot climates.

How to wear a linen suit?

Wear a linen suit with the jacket open and a smart, comfortable shirt - but remember that maintaining a decent temperature is key. If you sweat too much that can show through the paler coloured fabrics.