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Uncomplicated, conventional, a true classic. Take the weight off your occasionwear and look sharp in the most traditional men’s suit of all: black-tie. From weddings to galas, dinners and awards – black-tie always remains the same, no matter the event. Forever working in a man’s favour, you can’t go wrong with a black tuxedo and white shirt combination, so we’ve made it easy for you to gather inspiration and shop your favourite styles right here.


Whatever the occasion, choose from top UK brands – like Limehaus, Scott & Taylor to Ted Baker – for your tuxedo needs. Go bold in checks or jacquard, keep it cool and understated with black velvet or simple cotton… The choice is yours with black-tie.

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The Dinner Jacket and Trousers

Let’s start with the essentials first: the jacket and trousers. Invest in yours today from Suit Direct and choose from brilliant UK brands like Jeff Banks to Alexandre of England. Whatever your style, the dinner jacket and trouser combination suits all.

Opt for rich, dark tones if black isn’t quite your thing; midnight blues and forest greens complement everyone, right? Go bold and choose metallic or jacquard finishes, velvet or a classic check – the options are endless, yet the results remain the same: a classic, individual look for any wardrobe. Shop yours today from Suit Direct!

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The Shoes

No outfit is complete without the shoes and, luckily for you, we’ve got a wide selection at Suit Direct. Make sure they’re polished and free of any scuffs for black-tie events – after all, you’ll want to look your very best. Opting for black and patent shoes is the safest bet, and keeps the look classic.

All of you suede lovers should leave this fabric at home; they’ll only appear dusty in certain lights. Make sure you’ve got shoes that will wipe clean. Think brogues, loafers… Not a fan of patent leather? Matte works just as well, or you could opt for velvet to match your suit jacket. If you’re really feeling daring, go bold – ironically – with a pair of black trainers. A classic look can still remain smart with a touch of contemporary styling – we’d recommend patent finishes as an absolute must.

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The Waistcoat

Waistcoats add an extra hint of sartorial style to your tuxedo, and ours at Suit Direct are bound to be a winner for any man’s wardrobe. This element can add heaps of sophistication to any look, especially in rich, jewelled tones and finishes like satin, velvet or a cosy wool blend.

Add an aesthetic layer to your outfit with brilliant styles from top UK brands. Keep it classic in simple black or tweed, go single- or double-breasted and opt for the finest of details to complement an already exceedingly good suit. Think notch lapels, three-button cuffs and side vents for breathability.

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The Dress Shirt

Keep It Classic
Whatever your style, you can’t go wrong with a simple dress shirt from Suit Direct to complement your tuxedo. There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe and hedging your bets on a crisp, white shirt in satin or cotton to save the day. Sometimes less really is more, no?

Mix It Up
Prefer to stand out from the crowd, even just a little bit? Suit Direct’s got you covered! There’s nothing wrong with injecting contemporary, new life into black-tie attire, but the trick is to keep it classic. For printed shirts, choose paisleys or florals in muted tones like dark grey, midnight blue or burgundy. If you fancy mixing up the texture, opt for jacquard or satin notes that give tuxedos a rich element.

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The Bow Tie

No black-tie outfit is complete without a bow-tie – none whatsoever, so snap up yours today from Suit Direct. Ours offer easy clip fastenings and adjustable necklines, plus they’re all pretied – just for you.

Keep it traditional and opt for premium black, or shake it up a little and choose splashes of emerald or ruby. What kind of fabric is your tuxedo? Stick to it with this accessory, and only mix and match on colour. Gone for a bold, printed shirt? Keep your accessories neutral. If your dinner suit is as traditional as can be, inject a hint of modernity into your styling and go for a bow-tie that will stand out: think checks, bright hues or polka dots.

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And there you have it! Black-tie dressing has been around since the Victorian era, and there’s a reason it’s never dated. It’s simple and works for everyone, but the best thing about it? You can make it personal and choose the colours, cuts and accessories to suit your style best. Shop black-tie now at Suit Direct.

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