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How to fold a formal shirt?

We would recommend rolling a formal shirt instead of folding it, as this prevents messy folds and wrinkles - however, you will still need to touch up the shirt with an iron before the big event.

How to wear a formal shirt?

A formal shirt is easy to wear - it’s accessorising that can be more difficult. Think of what colour you want to match with; you want something that contrasts yet still compliments your shirt properly. Wear a matching tie and trousers.

How to iron a formal shirt?

Men’s formal shirts should be ironed inside out, starting from the collar and button placket, before working out across the body and down the sleeves and cuffs.

How to wash formal shirts?

Always pay special care to the washing instructions, and never mix with non-white laundry!

How to choose a formal shirt?

A formal shirt has many considerations to consider - the shape of your collar, the fit, colour scheme and even fabric should inform your decision. For a classic day to day shirt, a forward point collar is always a safe bet - if you want a bow tie or cravat, look towards a wing collar.