Single Cuff Shirts

The shirt creates the base of any dress code, and our range of single cuff shirts includes a variety of printed designs for an eyecatching statement, alongside more formal, simple prints for the office. Ideal for your wardrobe at any time of year, our range of shirts promise comfort, practicality and a superb quality that will last year upon year.
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The collection of single cuff shirts at Suit Direct feature some of the best names in suit tailoring, so you can always expect quality and style. You can easily find your correct size using our browsing tools on the left side of the window.

What is a single cuff shirt?

A single cuff shirt features a single layer on the sleeve cuffs that easily buttons closed, removing the need for cufflinks and a narrower cuff.

How to put cufflinks on a single cuff shirt?

It depends on the shirt - if they have ‘convertible cuffs’, then yes - otherwise, most single cuff shirts don’t facilitate cufflinks.

What is the difference between single and double cuff shirts?

Single cuffs are button closed to create a narrower cuff, while double cuffs require being folded into place and fastened with cufflinks.