Men's Regular Fit Blazers

We've all the choice of regular fit men's blazers you could ever need. Whether it's for work, a special occasion or even a wedding, you’ll find designer names like Pierre Cardin, Gibson London and Racing Green and all kinds of styles, cloths and colours.

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What is a blazer?

A blazer is practically interchangeable with a suit jacket, worn alone or mixed and matched with other clothing.

How to fold a blazer?

A blazer can be easily folded by bringing the shoulders and sides to meet the centre seam on the back, then folding the bottom of the jacket up behind - this ensures the lapels aren’t bent out of shape and prevents any wrinkles or folds.

What goes with a blue blazer?

Blazers can be matched with anything - try matching with a blue chambray shirt and jeans for a classic, tonal feel that’s both smart and casual.

How to wear a blazer?

A blazer is a great way to accessorise an otherwise plain outfit. Anything goes, but a blazer is generally most effective when worn open with a more casual, laid back feel.

What to wear with a blazer?

While there’s no limits, a button up shirt is the best match for a blazer - an Oxford shirt is a great way to match up a blazer with a casual, preppy wardrobe.