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The big day is coming ever closer – and it’s time to choose that all-important outfit. You’ll be photographed, you’ll be seen and you have a dress code to adhere to. Whether you’re the groom seeking the perfect statement suit, the father of the bride seeking a distinguished profile, or a guest hoping to make the perfect impression – an impressive ensemble is essential to make it a day to remember.

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Whatever your style, our wedding page is here to help you choose the perfect outfit for the special day. Suit Direct’s wedding suits, shirts and accessories are bound to make it a truly spectacular celebration of the special couple.

Who are you? (or who are you looking for?)

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The Groom
The Outfit Change

The groom’s look is essential. Look your best in a full formal three piece and you’re bound to impress even the most discerning guests - but when the wedding reception comes along, that may become rather uncomfortable. When it’s time to party, Swap out the shirt, waistcoat and tie for an Oxford shirt, or switch the suit trousers for jeans and chinos. Comfort is a must on the dance floor.

It’s important to understand what the invite requests and not to go too over the top, nor too undercooked. It’s a fine art.

Spring Suiting

Spring is here, and with it the opportunity for a flexible wardrobe. Classic tweeds, with colourful checks, make the perfect accompaniment. There’s no better time to take on a more colourful, bright and eyecatching look for that perfect formal profile.

Whether you’re seeking a blue tweed wedding suit, grey, or something outside of the ordinary, Suit Direct has a range of wedding suits to create a truly sophisticated, stylish outfit for any occasion. Dressing for special occasions should be a pleasure – but when it comes to suits and tailoring, you can make it a fine art.

Whether it’s a lightweight two piece, or you’re going all out in a three piece men’s wedding suit, Suit Direct is here to help you take on the day perfectly dressed to impress.

The Best Man
Mix and Match

You’re one of the most important in the wedding party, and the groom’s right hand man. So you’d better look your best alongside him. Try matching waistcoat colours to link yourself to the groom’s outfit – or wear an identical suit with a contrasting tie. The possibilities or endless. Just remember – coordinate or contrast, but never compete.

Charisma and Character

Matching and coordinating is essential – but your personality should be reflected in your outfit. Dress with eyecatching cufflinks, a textured shirt, or a colourful necktie. Even your socks can be a headturner. The Best Man’s charisma is the toast of the reception – make your suit reflect it.

Father Of The Bride
Formality is Key

You’re giving away your daughter. It’s one of the biggest days of her life, and one of the proudest of yours. Step up your suit to the next level with a distinguished, formal profile. Try a double breasted waistcoat, regal tweeds or a bow tie.

Match and Coordinate

The key to a perfect father of the bride suit is matching the main party with a unique flair. A matching colour scheme is a must – but you can approach it however you please. Wear a double breasted waistcoat if the groom wears a single, wear a bow tie to contrast with a necktie. Perhaps even try reversing the colour scheme – match your jacket with the groom’s waistcoat, or vice versa.

The Guest
Dress code guide

What does that dress code on the invite mean? Let us help you decode the tailor’s technical into something easier to understand:

  • Black Tie – Tuxedo jacket, trousers and white shirt, with that all important black bow tie.
  • Creative Black Tie – Traditional black tie with a contrast coloured waistcoat, tie or cummerbund.
  • Lounge Suit – Any suit that isn’t top hat and tails. Better known as a business suit.
  • Smart Casual – Dark chinos, an Oxford shirt and a blazer is ideal here. No tie!
  • Modern Traditional – A three piece suit in navy, black or grey.
  • Beach Wedding – ditch the jacket, with lightweight chinos, a short sleeved shirt and a waistcoat.
  • Country Wedding – tweeds and checks in wool rich fabrics.
Textures & Patterns

Ditch the stuffy, plain suits and take advantage of the guest’s freedom to dress in style. Try a traditional, tweedy check or a statement, paisley suit for the ultimate headturner. With our huge range of fits, you can try out a skinny fit Ben Sherman showcase or an athletic fit by Racing Green.