Men’s Overcoats

A winter essential, the men's overcoat is a versatile accessory for any suit or outfit which adds a fine silhouette to any outfit. Our unique range of wool and tweed jackets and men's overcoats will create a consistent, eye catching style for any occasion, while keeping you warm and comfortable during the colder seasons.

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What is an overcoat?

An overcoat is the ‘final layer’ of your outfit – the uppermost piece that’s usually worn as weather proofing or to stay warm, without compromising your outfit.

How to wear an overcoat?

An overcoat should be worn above your outfit – whether a full formal three piece suit or a more casual jeans and polo shirt, the topcoat is a great way to protect your outfit or stay warm in style.

How to wear an overcoat casually?

An overcoat is ideal for a casual outfit. You want to wear something softer and lighter coloured, such as a tan or brown overcoat. Accessorise with a scarf if required.

How long should an overcoat be?

Traditionally an overcoat is fairly long and goes down below the knee. If you’re a shorter gentleman, something above the knee is a more traditional fit.

What to wear with black overcoat?

Men’s black overcoats are best matched up with a full formal wardrobe, black shoes and grey trousers.