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How to wear a waistcoat?

A waistcoat can be used to style out any outfit – whether as part of a three piece suit or as a touch of class when going for a night out, a waistcoat is bound to impress and not always a strictly formal piece of attire.

How should a waistcoat fit?

Waistcoats should be comfortable but flattering – a tapered waist, with plenty of room for movement in the upper body, while not being stretched or creating any gaping buttons.

What colour waistcoat with a navy suit?

Navy suits are versatile and match with most colours; we’d recommend either a checked waistcoat, a blue waistcoat, a grey waistcoat or even a deep red. It depends entirely on what texture you wish to provide.

What colour waistcoat with a black suit?

A black suit is incredibly versatile, and matches up stylishly with greys, reds, checks, tweeds and blues.

What colour waistcoat with a grey suit?

Generally, you want either a dark coloured waistcoat or a matching grey tone. Charcoals are easy to match up, while blacks add a touch of extra contrast.

How to wear a waistcoat with jeans?

A waistcoat as part of a casual outfit should generally be a slim fit for a more fashionable look, with a shirt properly tucked in. The jeans should be tailored or, preferably, slim fit.