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What is a dinner jacket?

A dinner jacket is a single piece variant of a tuxedo – typically a suit jacket with a looser fit and contrast lapels. This is a classic for black tie events or parties.

How to wear a dinner jacket?

A dinner jacket should be worn, simply, with confidence, as part of a full formal ensemble.

What to wear with a dinner jacket?

A dinner jacket should be worn with a white shirt and a bow tie, typically with black trousers – however, the world of fashion has grown more casual, and is now easier than ever to mix and accessorise.

What shirt to wear with a dinner jacket?

A white shirt with a wing collar is the traditional way to dress with a dinner jacket, but these days the collar is less of a firm restriction. If you really want to dress uniquely, try a paisley or jacquard patterned shirt for a retro feel.

When to wear a white dinner jacket?

A white dinner jacket is a daring choice for the trendsetter, perfect for warmer weather conditions or summer weddings. A white dinner jacket absorbs less heat and makes a more breathable, lightweight suit for men.