Men's Casual Blazers

Smarten up a casual style with our selection of men's casual blazers in a range of checked, tweed and linen styles. Designed with practicality and comfort in mind, in a variety of first these are ideal wardrobe staples for any occasion. Whether it's a modern or timeless style you're after you can find the look for you.

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What to wear with a casual blazer?

The key word is casual - anything can match up with a blazer; even jeans and a t-shirt. Experiment and see what works for you!

Where to buy casual blazers?

We’ve always firmly been on the side of casual blazers at Suit Direct! Our range of blazers boasts all colour schemes, fabrics and styles, with some incredible prices and top UK brands.

How to wear a casual blazer?

Casual blazers are best worn unfastened, with any outfit of your choice.

How should a casual blazer fit?

Generally a casual blazer should be a little looser than part of a formal wardrobe; enabling free movement and comfort for any day-to-day activity.

When to wear a casual blazer?

The short answer is whenever you like! A casual blazer can match up with most occasions, but we recommend them particularly for nights out, meals with loved ones and parties.