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How to wear a casual shirt?

A casual shirt can be worn however you wish - to keep a laid back feel, leave the top two buttons undone and the collar somewhat splayed.

How to iron a casual shirt?

Men’s casual shirts should be ironed inside out, starting from the collar and button placket, before working out across the body and down the sleeves - however, try not to give too much of a defined crease, as they aren’t necessary for a casual event.

How should a casual shirt fit?

A casual shirt should fit well, but looser than that of a formal shirt to allow for free movement and comfort. Try making sure there’s at least a couple of finger’s width of freedom between your neck and your collar.

What to wear with casual shirts?

Casual shirts should be worn with casual outfits such as jeans or chinos.

How long should a casual shirt be?

Casual shirts generally sit to the line you would usually wear your jeans too - but not much further. They aren’t usually designed with the idea of being tucked into your trousers, so don’t require as much excess fabric.