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Black suit, black tie, black shoes, black bow tie. Black is back. Whether it’s a contrast satin shawl on your blue jacket worn with black trousers, or a three piece suit with a black tie and black spotted handkerchief, black is where it’s at when it comes to prom.

Classic Black

If you’re going to go black for prom you have two options, you can go with an understated slim fit black suit or a classic dress wear tuxedo.

Pair a slim fit black suit down with a classic bow tie and white pocket square or dress up with a co-ordinated coloured bow tie and square.

If you go for classic dress wear try a slim cut and a narrow peak satin finish lapel to sharpen your look.

Style tip

If you really want to look on point wear a wing tip collar shirt. It’s the sharpest of sharp looks when it comes to black tie.

Black Trims

Colour is still key but it’s all about styling up your lux finishes such as your black bow tie or shiny brogues.

Blue is still huge for prom and tailoring so we’ve updated our strong blue jacket to have a satin contrast shawl and satin jetted pockets. And because of the black trims you can wear it with a black trouser to keep your look sharp and on trend.

If you’re into grey for prom a quick fix is dressing this up your suit a black bow tie, black pocket square and black high shine shoes. In fact, why not keep up with the three piece trend with a matching silver grey waistcoat.

Style tip

If you’re not a fan of the bow tie you could always wear a traditional tie. It’s perfect if you want a less formal look.