Stay smart and stylish with our wedding suit trend predictions



The summer wedding season is upon us, so it’s time to update your old suit for the year ahead. Suit Direct’s wedding trend predictions for guests and groomsmen looks at what’s fashionable for 2016 when it comes to celebration attire.

When you reach the time when all your friends are starting to get hitched, you’ll need to invest in a stylish wedding suit that can double up for various occasions.

Inspired by the catwalk

Fashion designers at recent events such as the Paris Fashion Show displayed unique suit designs shirts influenced by eastern elements, and wide-leg trousers to team with formal suit jackets for a more relaxed look. Shades of green and grey are set to be hot on the colour palette for spring-summer 2016 (SS16), as well as sharp bursts of colour for accessories.

Light colours for outdoor weddings

A dark suit is not always the way forward when it comes to dressing for a wedding. Especially in the summer months when black, navy and grey colours absorb heat, your outfit can become uncomfortable and sticky to wear. Weddings usually mean wearing a suit from early morning to late evening, so make sure you choose something that will be comfortable.


Limehaus’s light blue linen slim-fit suit is a unique colour option and provides the perfect solution for an outdoor wedding. If you want to opt for a daring suit that stands out from the crowd, Scott and Taylor’s stone linen mix regular fit suit is available online at Suit Direct. The linen material means that this suit can be worn on some of the hottest days of the year without feeling like you’re wearing more than you need to. The airy fabric will ensure that you keep cool at spring and summer weddings. It may be a good idea to stick to clear drinks and spirits if you choose this option!

Coordinating with your partner

There was a time when colour coordinating your outfit to match your partner’s was viewed as verging on cringe worthy, but the trend has come back with full force this year. As more couples consider the finer details involved in making their outfits and photographs look ‘picture perfect’, women are increasingly matching their dresses against elements of their partner’s outfit. This can mean everything from coordinating dresses with ties, or even matching full suits to a partner’s dress or suit.

Bold accessories


Bright and bold accessories for SS16 are ideal for men that want to make a statement at a wedding without stealing the limelight. Summer wedding style will see a mixture of shirts, handkerchiefs and ties in bright or pastel hues and graphic prints, teamed with a low-key suit which is stylish but minimal. Shades in orange, pink and red are set to be popular this year, so get ahead of the curve with Suit Direct’s tie and pocket square sets – perfect for putting the final touches on formal wear and wedding suits.

It’s not just the big accessories that you need to focus on. Lapel pins and tie bars are just as important to get right, so choose wisely when it comes to putting your next wedding suit together, and make sure you consider our trend predictions next time you’re suit shopping.