Coronation Style: Suits Fit for a King

King Charles Suits

With King Charles' coronation imminent, his style identifiers are sure to see a boost in popularity. Get ahead of the game and discover the key elements of the new King's iconic style from Suit Direct brands including Alexandre of England, which proudly holds a Royal Warrant.

Having spent all of his 74 years in the public eye, HRH has carved his own iconic royal style over the decades, in line with the demands of stately occasions, varying dress codes and climates the world over – from the grounds of Balmoral, to presidential meetings, to the polo pitch. Known to switch outfits up to five times per day during demanding schedules, Charles isn't one for fleeting trends or fashion statements, preferring to stick to a roster of reliable favourites – so much so that we've all come to associate the double-breasted blazer and the diagonally-striped tie with the monarch.

When is the King's coronation?

The coronation of Charles III and Camilla as king and queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms will take place on the morning of Saturday 6th May 2023 at Westminster Abbey. Across the coronation weekend there will be opportunities for people to come together and celebrate, with several special broadcasts across the BBC.

King Charles' Suits

An immaculate double-breasted suit is now synonymous with King Charles. Flying the flag for this traditional suit for decades, HRH has made the wide-lapelled style his own, eschewing trends and creating a signature silhouette that tailoring fans are now rushing to replicate. You'll most often see him in a dark grey or navy double-breasted suit, and less frequently a pale cream single-breasted suit at summer occasions and visits to warmer countries, and traditional tweed suits while based in the Highlands. Of course, royal tailoring is totally bespoke to the wearer for an immaculate fit, so for the royal treatment explore Suit Direct Studio and design a custom suit with personal touches.

What Shirts does King Charles wear?

As the all-important base for those iconic suits, Charles' shirts of choice are, predictably pristine, and he always opts for plain but versatile colours that pair with a variety of suits, overcoats, and other elements. Pale blue and pale pink are his usual shirts of choice, with almost always a classic forward point collar surrounding a slim tie. Speaking of accessories…

Ties & Accessories

Adding a touch of personality to repetitive royal looks, the King usually opts for a patterned tie, either a minute spotted print or a traditional striped number. Never one to skip the pocket square, you'll often see the King in distinctly different but complementary ties and pocket squares, offset against a shirt and blazer in complementary fabrics too – embracing pattern and colour to create the iconic look we all recognise; "I mind about detail and colour and things like that—and colour combinations," he?told?Vogue magazine in 2020.