Why you should wear a suit to work

Why you should wear a suit to work

Over the past few years we’ve been lead to believe that the long reign of business suits for men is well and truly done. In fact, these days it seems you’re more likely to encounter an all too casual combination of sneakers, polo necks, dress-down jeans and casual shirts in the office than you are a well-tailored work suit.

Whilst we should perhaps be grateful that formal business attire is mostly no longer compulsory at work, recent groundbreaking research into the psychological impact of men's clothes on their wearer has revealed some surprising sartorial results. A joint study undertaken by researchers at Columbia and California State Universities found that wearing a professional suit to work every day actively boosts your confidence and makes you feel more powerful. In other words, a business suit will actually help you brush off any hesitation, criticism or annoying complications that might’ve otherwise bogged you down.

It’s easy to think of the power suit as outdated and irrelevant in today’s workplace, but the study suggests a revival in the tradition of wearing a suit every day, proving that clothes still most definitely make the man. Now though, putting on a suit is a choice rather than a necessity and opting for classic work attire over trainers and a t-shirt is a conscious statement that combines sophisticated style with the respect, maturity and authority that business suits for men have commanded for generations.

Although a good suit is guaranteed to turn heads, you don’t have to wear one every day just to impress everyone else. You’re free to wear a suit for yourself and we’ve got the science to prove it. However, work attire doesn’t come without its challenges. You might assume that wearing a suit every day means not having to think about what you’re putting on, but perfecting a professional suit requires planning and preparation.

Getting dressed in the dark before work is a lot more forgiving if all you’re matching is a jumper and some jogging bottoms. That’s not the case with suits, sorry. Be sure to check that your suit doesn’t clash with your shirt or tie before you leave the house and under no circumstances should you ever wear anything other than black suit shoes with a black suit - trust us, it’s the rule.

Sometimes a full on work suit just isn’t going to be appropriate, however sharp it may make you feel. Fortunately, you can use today’s business casual style to your advantage by personalising your power suit. Try mixing and matching your suit jackets with chinos or lose the tie and pop your top button to take that formal edge off your professional wear. Not only does this introduce flexibility and longevity to your work wardrobe, it puts business suits for men back at the top where they belong; now psychologically proven to help you stay cool, calm and confident every day of the working week.

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