Beginners tips to getting your style right

To many men, formalwear knowledge isn’t a forte. We all need a hand every now and again, and what might be the perfect item for an interview, or for your office uniform, might not be the right option for a day at the races. Upping your fashion game to elite standards can be a timely and tough process, however there are easy ways to up your style game. Here are our top five easy fashion tips to help any fashion rookie look the part.


Seasonal dressing

It might be a bit much to suggest every element of your wardrobe is selected with seasons in mind; and we understand that with big ticket items like a suit, you want it to be durable and stylish year-round. With smaller items, however, it’s never too early to start planning your wardrobe for the coming months. As the heat of summer dies away, it’s time to introduce darker and earthier tones back into your repertoire in the form of ties, casual jackets and other accessories.


The importance of shoes

Look upon shoes as an investment, if you take care of them, they’ll take care of your appearance. They might seem like a relatively minor element of an outfit, however they are one of the most noticeable items you’ll wear. The one shoe every man needs in his wardrobe is the traditional black lace-up. The ultimate in versatility, you can dress it up or dress it down; it’ll work with everything from jeans to suits. It might seem the formal option, but it isn’t solely special-occasion footwear. Opt for something classic but basic, and you’ll be able to wear the shoes as easily to the office as to a bar and restaurant on Saturday night.


Smart doesn't have to mean suit
The suit is the traditional choice when a smart appearance is required, however it isn’t the be all when it comes to this style of dress. Utilising separates is one way to tone down on the formality, without going too casual. Pairing together trousers with a casual blazer gives a more relaxed, yet still smart style.


Casual blazer fit

When it comes to smart style, more often than not, it’s all down to the fitting. Getting the sizing right when it comes to a formal or casual blazer is tricky for those not well versed in styling, but there are four crucial aspect to focus on:

Shoulder fit – Make sure the seam hits right at the end of your shoulder.
Chest fit – Your flat hand should slide comfortably between the lapel area and your shirt when your jacket is buttoned.
Buttons – Opt for two buttons, with the top one sitting comfortably above the middle of your stomach.
Sleeves – The sleeves should sit between the first joint of your thumb and your wrist. Make sure to get the length just right, so that a quarter to a half-inch of shirt cuff falls below your jacket.