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A timeless classic, with a nod to the boating suits of the 1920's. Make a statement with a striking pinstripe suit from Suit Direct.

What colour shirt to wear with a grey pinstripe suit?

Grey pinstripe suits follow similar rules to a plain grey suit. We’d recommend a light shirt for a formal look - whites, sky blues and even pinks can create a great effect. A black shirt is a very bold option but can work if you want to make an impression!

What colour tie with black pinstripe suit?

Any tie will match with black - but think carefully about the impression you want to make. A plain tie is the best option to stop it cluttering your look. Reds, blues and other classic shades are best to maintain a professional feel.

What to wear with a black pinstripe suit?

Black shoes, a white shirt and a black tie is always best for a no-nonsense, professional look.

What to wear with a grey pinstripe suit?

Black or brown shoes, a pale shirt and a contrasting tie is perfect for balancing individuality and formal style.

What to wear with a navy pinstripe suit?

Try matching with other blue tones - a pale blue shirt and navy tie is sure to look great, especially when matched with deep brown or black shoes.