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What is a cravat?

The cravat - or puff tie - is a traditional alternative to the tie or bow tie - usually similar in shape but broader and more decorative.

How to tie a cravat?

The good news is you don’t have to - most cravats are now pre-tied and feature a simple buckle or clip to fasten them!

How to wear a cravat?

Cravats should be worn with a wing collar shirt, in the place of the classic necktie, with a waistcoat or full three piece suit.

When to wear a cravat?

Cravats are a classic addition to wedding attire, christenings and more; but you shouldn’t feel limited. They can look great for any occasion if worn with a matching three piece suit.

What shirt to wear with a cravat?

A cravat should always be worn with a wing collar shirt for a traditional look, but can work for more modern shirts too - though this loses a bit of authenticity.