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How to remove bobbles from knitwear?

The best solution tends to be usual equipment built for the purple - there’s plenty of bobble removers available! However, a single blade razor is a great solution - simply shave the bobbles off gently while holding the fabric flat, then lifting the bobbles with sticky tape.

How to shrink knitwear?

We would recommend not trying to shrink your knitwear at all - but a high temperature, short wash and medium heat spin in the dryer should work. Just remember to check the garment every few minutes as it can shrink too much or misshape if you aren’t careful!

How to wash knitwear?

Always follow the washing instructions thoroughly to keep your knitwear in the best possible condition.

What is fully fashioned knitwear?

Fully fashioned knitwear is engineered in a way that features no waste fabrics - everything in the garment is made from correctly fitted panels and sewn together.

How to store knitwear?

Always store knitwear by folding it - wool can be stretched by clothes hangers and can cause damage to the garment.