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Whatever the weather throws at you, our jackets and coats are the ideal accessories for him. An eclectic selection of patterns to capture your individuality, whether for a formal dress code or a smart, casual image when out on the town. From wool-rich, ruged winter jackets, or lightweight autumn coats in a variety of cuts, fits, and styles.

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What is the warmest men’s winter coat?

Wool coats are the best way to stay warm in winter - the fabric is naturally thick, hardy and insulating.

What to wear with a leather jacket?

Leather jackets go with literally anything - but for a classic mod style, a white shirt and tie will look perfect.

Where to buy men’s coats?

Suit Direct boasts a huge range of men’s coats and jackets from top UK brands, from the Harrington Jacket to a full wool frock coat.

How to wear a denim jacket for men?

Denim jackets will match up with any wardrobe easily, from a t-shirt and jeans to an Oxford shirt and chinos - however, we wouldn’t recommend ever mixing a suit with denim!

How to measure men’s chest size for jacket?

Measuring for a jacket should start with the broadest part of the chest - with an extra couple of centimetres to make an allowance for the clothes you’ll wear underneath.