Harrington Jackets

Suit Direct presents a huge range of men's Harrington jackets - a classic, waist length casual jacket that has been an essential part of any wardrobe since the 1930s. Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley and more have made this jacket a classic.

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What is a harrington jacket?

The Harrington Jacket is a classic men’s mod style jacket that’s waist length, with a loose, boxy fit and fabrics ranging from cotton, leather and wool.

Who made the original harrington jacket?

The Harrington dates back to the 1930s - there are many claims to the invention of the Garment, but it’s almost certainly British. Baracuta are said to be the originators of the Harrington - which was later popularised by the likes of James Dean, Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen and more.

How to wear a harrington jacket?

Traditionally - for an authentic mod look - the Harrington should be zipped up by two thirds to show off the shirt underneath, or left unzipped!

What to wear with a harrington jacket?

A Harrington Jacket is perfectly matched with a mod style Oxford shirt and skinny jeans - this is the classic look that has endured for generations.

How should a harrington jacket fit?

Harrington jackets should be relatively loose, boxy jackets with plenty of movement. The elasticated hem should be comfortable and the neck comfortable even when fastened.