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What is merino wool?

Merino wool is a form of sheep’s wool, famously regarded as soft and lightweight. Merino is much finer and softer than domestic wool, and is superb at temperature control.

Where does merino wool come from?

Merino wool is almost exclusively from the Merino sheep of Australia and New Zealand – which are able to withstand a huge range of temperatures without discomfort.

How to wash merino wool?

Merino wool should be washed very gently, with only mild soap, on a gentle warm or cool wash – with no bleach or fabric conditioners at all.

How to unshrink merino wool?

Unshrinking a merino garment is pretty simple – but isn’t a short process.

Fill a sink with warm water, with a generous amount of hair conditioner, and mix well. Submerge the clothing and knead it until the conditioner is inside the fibres – then, drain your basin. Gently squeeze out the excess water.

Now, lay the merino clothing on a bath towel, and sandwich it with another, gently pressing out the rest of the moisture. Do this until the fabric is almost dry.

Next, lay the sweater flat and stretch out in all directions, gently, giving plenty of attention to the arm holes, sleeves and neckline and other areas that seem to have shrunk the most. Allow it to continue lying and re-do this process two or three times, or until it’s completely dried.

Now, wash the clothing in cold water to remove the conditioner, or a gentle machine cycle. Reshape it and allow it to dry flat before wearing.