5 ways to wear a blazer

The blazer has been an integral part of menswear for decades, and even centuries. This most British of outerwear has its origins in the Royal Navy, and has been worn by sports teams and school children. The term ‘blazer’ originally came from Oxford rowing clubs, so called because of the bright, blazing, colour.

Today it’s still very much a fashion staple, and provides a versatile piece for any man’s wardrobe. At Suit Direct we offer an extensive selection of traditional and fashion men's blazers in a variety of cloths and styles for any formal or casual occasion. Here are 5 different ways to wear a blazer, and how to wear it well.

1. With a shirt and tie

Starting with the most formal look, a blazer worn with a shirt and tie is a great choice for a smart-casual event that leans more towards the smart. A navy or dark grey blazer would be best for evening events, whereas you could go for a little more colour for something during the day, avoiding patterns or anything too bright. Likewise, go for a plain white shirt and contain colour and patterns to your choice of tie.

2. With a shirt

This is the most versatile way of wearing a blazer, perfect for smart casual events or just looking super stylish during the day. There’s more scope for mixing colours and patterns here, but you’ll get the best results if you stick to the ‘less is more’ school of fashion. If you want to go for a bold colour blazer, pair it with a plain white shirt and dark chinos for a more elegant look.

3. With jeans

Wearing a blazer with jeans is an easy one to get wrong, but the general rule is; make sure the jeans are neatly tailored, either slim or straight cut, and preferably in dark denim. If you really want to wear a lighter jean, just make sure they fit perfectly and they don’t feature too much in the way of pocket or seam details, and certainly no rips or tears (deliberate or not).

4. With a cardigan

As a great alternative to a waistcvoat, add a light cardigan for an elegant look, as well as some extra warmth for colder times of year. Use a contrasting texture or colour to add a bit of depth, but stick to thinner fabrics such as cashmere and light wool blends to avoid adding bulk. You could also wear a light jumper over a shirt, or just on its own for a sophisticated look. Fine gauge merino sweaters such as this version from Gibson London are the perfect choice.

5. With a t-shirt

When you want the perfect mix of stylish and comfortable, a t-shirt under a blazer can be ideal. A plain V-neck will give you a more sophisticated look, though make sure the neckline doesn’t go too deep. Jeans are a good option for wearing with a t-shirt and blazer, adding to the overall effortless and casual look. A polo shirt is another good option for a more relaxed feel, though again stick with simple styling and minimal detailing to maintain the sophistication.