Prom trends for 2021: The styles, trends, colours and accessories to suit up for your prom or summer ball this year

In just a few months, it’ll be time for your prom or summer ball – ready to suit up? Whether you’re donning your first ever suit or looking for something with a little extra flair, we’ve got you covered on the trends and styles that’ll set you apart from the crowd. Remember: your suit reflects your personality. Wear it proudly.

Consider the Three Piece Suit

Believe it or not, there are fresh alternatives to the simple classic tuxedo. This summer, consider adding a waistcoat and joining the growing legion of men who can rock the three piece look.

There’s a reason three piece suits are in style. A waistcoat sets a sophisticated tone that, despite adding a layer, makes your body look slimmer and well-defined.

The beauty of a three piece suit is in its simplicity. With that one small adjustment, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Side effects may include endless compliments and admiring looks.

Choose the right cut

Don’t be the guy wearing his uncle’s baggy dinner jacket. The success of a suit depends on getting the right cut.

Whatever your body size, play to its strengths. Slim cuts are in fashion and give the majority of men a clean, sophisticated look. However, wear what works. At home on the sports field or gym? Athletic fits will show off your frame. On the larger side? Go tailored for extra breathing room while positively accentuating your body shape.

Make sure you wear the suit, rather than let the suit wear you.

Check out our size guide for a little extra direction.

Go Bold. Go Colourful.

There’s nothing wrong with the classic black or grey, but your prom is the perfect time to be a little bolder.

If you want a slight twist on the norm, consider a cobalt blue or teal suit. For a more striking look, there’s checked options that range from the subtle to the confident.

Fortune favours the bold. Even a splash of colour can elevate your outfit into something special. Speaking of which…

Tie the Outfit Together

Not everything comes down to the jacket you choose. The right accessories can add the perfect finish to complete your look, brightening up your outfit and adding personality.

Ties come in a huge variety of patterns and colours, giving you nearly limitless wardrobe options for this year’s prom. For the ultimate sleek look, add a touch of colour with a matching pocket square.

Prom only happens once. Make it a night to remember. For more inspiration, take a look at our men’s suits or get in touch.