Suit Direct’s ultimate guide on how to clean and store men’s suits

how to store suits

A suit should be able to stand the test of time – or a good few years of bountiful occasions, at least. Investing wisely is one thing, but keeping your suit looking its best is another; it’s crucial that you understand how to care for it properly.

After all, it will go through an awful lot: weddings, potential job interviews, work meetings… You may even love it so much that it becomes a smart-casual everyday staple. But, of course, all these occasions put your suit to the test; save money (and help the environment) by keeping it clean, polished and always presentable.

Read these handy tips below from Suit Direct for the best ways to look after your suit so you can wear it on repeat, year-in and year-out.

1. Cleaning your suit

Whether it’s made out of the finest wool or durable polyester, investing in a suit brush is an absolute must-have to keep it clean. Simply brush the suit fabric in a downward manner, which removes lint, dust and other unwanted bits and pieces. Then, if you really want your suit to shine, a lint roller is your best friend.

If your suit is slightly stained, gently dab the area with a clean cloth and warm water first. Not budging? Try a mild stain remover and avoid rubbing; simply dabbing should do the trick.

If all this fails and the stain hasn’t shifted – and all options have been fruitless – then a trip to the dry cleaners is in order. But please be mindful that dry cleaners use abrasive chemicals to wash your suits, so only use it if it’s an absolute must.

2. Steaming your suit

Don’t go near an iron when you want to rid your suit of pesky creases; it won’t end well. Instead, steam them out. It might sound like an unnecessary investment, but if you wear suits on the regular then, chances are, they’re going to need cleaning and steaming more often than not – so treat yourself to something that’s worth the money. Remember, it also works wonders on shirts.

Steaming is an effective, quick and simple way to minimise odours, polish your suit and eliminate any crinkles. Then, simply hang it up to air-dry in a well-ventilated room.

3. Storing your suit

You may not realise it, but this stage is probably the most crucial. Your suit should be stored correctly for maximum longevity and cleanliness. Hang your suit on a wooden hanger with curved edges – the shoulders should be filled and sitting comfortably, helping to keep its shape.

Make sure that your suit is also stored in a clothes bag, which aims to prevent moths and any other insects making it their home. Also, don’t opt for a plastic covering; choose a soft cloth so it doesn’t stick to your suit and air can freely flow through it for optimal freshness.

Plus, it’s worth noting that your suit should be fully dry before storing it, and to be sure it isn’t cramped in your wardrobe. Maximum breathability and spaciousness will only increase its endurance.

4. Investing in spare suit trousers

If you’re someone who wears suits for work – not just those formal occasions – then, chances are, you’ll have a few lying around in your wardrobe. This calls for extra suit trousers, which are more durable and cheaper than their jacket equivalent.

After all, your suit trousers are versatile; you’re bound to wear them more often because they can be dressed up or down depending on the event you’re attending. Just be careful as to how you store them because, like suit jackets, they can become creased quickly. Simply hang them by their hem from a felt clip hanger, and add a bag of lavender to your wardrobe to keep them smelling clean.

5. Travelling with your suit

It’s best that you use a portable garment bag to keep your suit intact on your journey, and always make sure it’s still on its hanger so it can keep its shape.

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