How to wear a herringbone jacket


The herringbone jacket is a British style classic. Its distinctive zig-zag pattern is what gives it its name, the shape resembling the skeleton of a herring. This bold pattern gives the cloth a richness and texture that’s perfect for autumn and winter style.

You’ll most often find herringbone cloth made with tweed, a stylish and classic fabric originating in Scotland and once the reserve of aristocracy on hunting trips. Today it’s popular amongst anyone who likes to stand out with their style, and is also practical for the colder months as it tends to produce a slightly heavier woven cloth.

If you’re wondering just how to wear a herringbone jacket take a look at our style tips below:



Herringbone cloth jackets tend to come in neutral, earthy tones, making them versatile for matching with a wide variety of other garments. It can look particularly stylish when you contrast the colour of your jacket with the rest of your outfit, for example a blue palette for your men’s trousers, shirt and accessories offset with a grey herringbone jacket. Alternatively you could match the whole outfit in similar tones for more understated look.



A herringbone jacket can be dressed up or down by what you wear it with and an important element is your shirt. A smart men's shirt will naturally give your outfit a more formal look, so if you want to move the slider over to the casual side of the scale a denim or Oxford shirt can be an ideal choice. Blue denim provides a nice contrast with the jacket, as well as adding texture. Alternatively go for a checked men's shirt or patterned in a brighter colour to add a bit of fun.



As with the shirt, your choice of trousers will make all the difference to your overall look. Wearing jeans with a herringbone jacket will help to create a more casual and relaxed look, while chinos move more towards the smarter end of the smart casual spectrum. Chinos also give you the opportunity to wear different colours, which can also add to the overall impact of your outfit.



To complete your herringbone jacket look, accessorise with a complementing pocket square. Preferably this should be in a matching colour to your shirt and trousers if you’re going for a more unified ensemble but go for a different colour or pattern if you want more of a contrast. The pocket square has become a fashion staple, and is an easy way to add style and depth to a formal or casual outfit.



Shoes are also an important part of the overall look with a herringbone jacket, and can define your style as smarter or more casual. A proper leather formal shoes or boot is best, especially brogues, as this complements the texture of the herringbone fabric. The structure of a boot also balances out the tailoring of a jacket, whereas more understated shoe styles can easily look a bit lost and out of place.

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