Key pieces for your transitional wardrobe


As autumn takes hold and the days turn colder and shorter, it may be tempting to start reaching for those woolly jumpers and warm overcoats. But autumn can be a very changeable season, with mild temperatures, plenty of rain, and a bit of warm sunshine thrown in. An autumn wardrobe can be a tricky thing to master, but with a few key pieces you can be comfortable, stylish, and ready for any weather.

Wool Suit


Wool is your friend in both warm and cold weather, so is the perfect choice for seasons that can lurch between the two. Wool is a natural and breathable fabric that will keep you cool when it’s warm, and retain heat when it gets chilly. This Limehaus Donegal three piece suit is the perfect style for autumn too, with natural colours and textured fabric. Just don’t forget your umbrella, as wool rather loses its effectiveness when wet!

Bomber Jacket


Autumn can often be too warm to wear a large overcoat every day, so a lighter casual jacket is a must. Fashions may come and go, but investing in a timeless classic like this Cerruti 1881 quilted bomber jacket can see you through many seasons. It’s comfortable and easy to wear, but keeps you on the smarter side of casual in your everyday look.



When you want to stay looking sharp this autumn, both by carrying a stylish accessory and not getting drenched in a rain storm, you should definitely invest in an umbrella. Apart from giving your look a classic business-like edge, an umbrella frees you from the need to wear a bulky overcoat or rain mac, especially when there are only intermittent showers. This black crook handle umbrella is both modern and convenient, and timelessly stylish.




A scarf is ideal for changeable autumn weather, particularly a lighter style like this Martin blue stripe scarf from Tom English. Not only is it a very stylish accessory that can add a bit of interest to any smart or casual outfit, it can provide some protection against the cold without being bulky.



This iconic piece of men's clothing is perfect for smart outerwear on work days, but can also suit more casual looks, making it adaptable and practical. The understated and classic style makes it easy to match with a wide range of looks and colours, and is lighter than an overcoat for changeable autumn weather. This stone showerproof mac from Aston & Gunn perfectly embodies that classic, effortless look.

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