Summer pieces to wear this autumn


As the days turn cooler in the last months of the year, it’s tempting to abandon your summer wardrobe and start layering up in jumpers and heavy coats. However, there are still days when a bit of sunshine and mild temperatures can quickly make you overheat in all those layers, so it’s wise to gradually introduce your winter wardrobe and hold on to those summer pieces for a bit longer.


Just because the weather turns gloomy doesn’t mean you have to follow suit and switch to drab colours. Florals are a great summer trend, but you can keep wearing them through the autumn to bring a bit of colour and life to your look.


This teal jacquard tie adds a beautiful floral print without being loud – perfect for autumn.


You could also switch the floral pattern to your shirt like this Alexandre of England paisley shirt, and accessorise with a plain tie.


Colourful accessories

As with florals, you don’t need to abandon bold colours in the autumn. Choose richer tones that stand out against darker suits – and those darker skies – with ties and pocket squares that add splashes of colour without being overpowering.


Add brightness and season-appropriate colour with this red paisley pocket square from Scott & Taylor.



Add a bit of subtle colour and fun with your underwear too, like fabulous orange tipped socks from Racing Green.


Those light cotton and wool summer suits are perfect for wearing through the autumn months, as they’ll keep you warm enough on cool days, but are also breathable so you don’t overheat on a day of sunshine in a warm office.


This navy micro design suit from Ben Sherman is ideal for those chillier autumn days, and is perfect for pairing with colourful and patterned accessories.


Keep it light and comfortable in the office with this grey check tailored fit suit from Alexandre of England, which won’t have you shivering when you go outdoors.


As with your suits, it’s best to stick with light cotton shirts for a while to stay comfortable when you’re going from the cooler outdoors into a warm and humid office.


This blue pinstripe cotton blend shirt from Scott & Taylor is the perfect choice for a stylish autumn office look.


Bring a bit of subtle colour back into your look with this 100% cotton pink check shirt from Cerruti 1881.

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