Planning your look


The Wedding season is fast approaching, so if you haven’t already, now’s the time to start planning your look. Dressing for the big day can become a complicated affair for a groom, but with some guidance we can have you looking like a winner!

December and January are typically the two key months of the year when most grooms research and plan their wedding outfit. But before you finalise any decisions make sure you check everything with your partner! After all it’s their big day as well and it’s more than likely that you will need to coordinate your look and colour theme with that of your partner.


The Three Piece Suit


Weddings are the perfect occasion to wear a three piece suit, it’s an easy way to look super smart. The grey three piece suit is a wedding classic and is still hugely popular among grooms and groomsmen.  If you’re feeling a little more adventurous a grey check suit ticks all the boxes. Remember to accessorise with a drop of colour such as blue or yellow with your tie and pocket square to match the day’s colours.


The Winter Warmer


Tweed and donegal suits have grown in popularity as wedding suits. The heavier fabric makes them especially useful during colder months for keeping warm without sacrificing style. This Berry Herringbone Three Piece Suit by Racing Green is perfect for a winter wedding, it features a heavy wool blend fabric, a tailored fit for a slimmer silhouette, stylish floral lining and a contrasting pull out pocket square to complete the look.


Tuxedo Style


Tuxedos are a very American trend that has now been adopted by many grooms, especially for evening weddings. If you’re going for this look remember that the ceremony should be after 6pm. The classic tuxedo is an easy look any man can pull off and this Scott & Taylor Dinner Suit is perfect for the job.


Honeymoon/Travel Suits


If you’re lucky enough to be getting married in the sun you’ll need a blazer or light suit to keep cool in a warmer climate. Depending on the dress code you decide for your day you could even opt for a light linen blazer with chinos or a linen suit, paired with a plain shirt and brogues. If you’re on a cruise for your honeymoon you may be expected to dress up, especially if you are lucky enough to be invited to the Captain’s table, so don’t forget to check the small print of your cruise itinerary.


True Blue


Every man should have a blue suit in his wardrobe ready for almost any formal occasion. This bright blue suit by Ben Sherman is made on tailored fit block and is crafted from 100% wool. It’s also available as a three piece if you really want to impress.


Statement Style


Although the focus maybe on your partner it doesn’t mean you can’t make the extra effort too. When it comes to suiting nothing stands out quite like a bold check suit. This Charcoal Check Suit by Aston & Gunn features a distinct statement style and is available with a matching waistcoat.

It’s also important as a groom to coordinate your look with your fellow groomsmen or ushers. A check suit is a great way to stand out and would provide a contrasting effect if your groomsmen are weary of plainer coloured suits. Another option is the contrasting waistcoat, it’s a unique look and helps to inject some impact to the typical wedding style.


Keep it (Smart) Casual


Every wedding is different and not all of them have a strict dress code so if you decide to have a more laid back wedding ceremony you can choose to drop the suit. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort however, try wearing a smart blazer with a white shirt and chinos for instance, although we could always suggest adding a statement tie such as this small floral print tie by Limehaus to add a finishing touch.


Personalising Your Look

When it comes to making your look your own the easiest and most practical way to achieve this is through accessories. Start with your tie and pocket square, choose colours that match your overall theme but make sure they complement your suit. Cufflinks can really pull a look together and are a great way add some character.

It’s the little things that can add more to your look so don’t forget to accessorise with a tie bar for a more sophisticated touch. When choosing which shoes and belt to wear ensure that the colours match and they complement your suit. Black shoes work well with grey suits where as brown shoes complement blue suits particularly well.


Gifts for the Best Man


It’s traditional for the groom to give a smart gift to the best man as a token of appreciation. A pair of designer cufflinks is a small gift that can make a big difference. How about these Best Man Cufflinks by Tom English? If you’re feeling generous you could even try this  Conroy Country Gent Check Blazer and Waistcoat by Racing Green.

For our full range of wedding suits check out our dedicated wedding department and in particular our latest Occasions range by Scott & Taylor for some great wedding outfit suggestions.