What to wear for the office Christmas party


The work Christmas party is an inevitable fixture of the festive season. You’re invite may come with a black tie dress code or no strict dress code at all!

When putting your outfit together it’s important to dress appropriately but remember to add some personal flair to your look, such as a colourful tie or a luxury blazer.

Black Tie Attire for Men - Tuxedo


The classic tuxedo is always a safe bet for a black tie evening event, but it also has a bit of room for manoeuvre. A tuxedo or dinner suit generally refers to the dinner jacket style of suit, with a satin shawl lapel and a single button, best worn with a bow tie. You can bend the rules slightly and go for a midnight blue suit, or even dark red. You’ll still look appropriately formal but you’ll have a stylish edge that sets you apart.


Why not elevate your style by swapping out your dinner jacket for a velvet one? Our midnight blue velvet jacket with a classic shawl lapel adds effortless class and colour to your look, style it with a bow-tie, white shirt and black trousers.

Smart casual


If your office party is a less formal affair, you have a bit more choice in your choice of outfit. It’s easy to forget that you’re still basically in work environment at these events – your boss is watching! – so err on the side of caution and lean more towards smart.

It’s hard to resist, but there are alternatives to wearing a garish, festively knitted jumper to the work Christmas do. Well-fitted and neutral-toned long sleeve knitwear will look infinitely classier and still keep you feeling cosy. Pair with some dark chinos and a relaxed blazer to achieve that perfect and effortless smart-casual curve.



If you’re opting for a suit, a white shirt is a must with any style you’re wearing. Go for a plain front rather than pleated, and match the collar style to rest of your suit. A wing collar is perfect for black tie and can add style and elegance, but it should always be worn with a proper dinner jacket.


For something a more casual our party style men's shirts are ideal for an alternative look. This navy paisley shirt by Alexandre of England or this slim fit pin dot Limehaus shirt add a stylish edge to any outfit.

Formal Shoes


When it comes to a formal or the black tie look it’s best to wear black suit shoes, ideal for complementing a classic tuxedo. On the other hand, men's brogues are a perfect fit for the smart casual look.

At the end of the day the Christmas Party is all about having a good time, with your outfit sorted you can relax over a few drinks! Shop our Black Tie or Blazers Departments for more Christmas Party looks.