What to wear - Business Style


Going back to work after the summer holiday can be daunting, but what you wear can help to get you back in the right mindset and boost your confidence. It can almost feel like a fresh start, so treating yourself with a new look can work wonders.

Whether you’re in a formal office or somewhere more relaxed we have some useful tips on back to work style:


The Smarter Side of Formal



When you go back to work you want to feel your best, and a sharp suit is a sure-fire way to achieve that. As the weather at the beginning of Autumn is usually still holding on to the warmth of summer, you can leave the heavier fabrics and darker colours until later in the year. Cotton or wool are excellent choices, as they’re breathable and light for those changeable days.

Wearing a lighter colour such as airforce blue can help the transition back to work feel a little less sombre too. There’s nothing wrong with holding onto that summer feeling!

Always remember, with suits that fit is key. A well-fitted suit creates a fantastic impression on colleagues, your boss, clients, and pretty much everyone. Know your size before buying and keep in mind what styles complement your body shape.

Double breasted and windowpane jackets maybe on trend and look great, but don’t necessarily flatter a larger frame. A simpler two button jacket can give a sleeker look.


Casual But Smart

Even if your office has a more relaxed dress code, it’s still worth elevating your style above a slouchy t-shirt and jeans. You’ll make a better impression on your co-workers and managers, and as the saying goes: dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

A long-sleeved shirt is a solid staple, with plenty of room for personalised style through colour and fabric. Paired with chinos or dark jeans, they form a reliable look that can also help achieve a bit of separation from your casual wardrobe – good for getting into the right frame of mind when you’re in the office.

Stick to tapered or slim cut jeans rather than baggy or overly skinny styles to avoid looking too casual or untidy. You can easily pair this look with a smart jacket or blazer too, great for throwing on for a meeting with clients or your boss, as well as being practical autumn wear. On cooler days why not add a waistcoat or merino wool sweater for an extra layer.

Footwear makes a big difference too. Go for brogues or boots rather than trainers, as this will change the feel of your whole outfit, making you look and feel more sophisticated and professional.