How to Wear Knitwear with a Suit

Should You Wear A Suit To A Job Interview?

The combination of knitwear and a suit is a timeless and classic look. It is a style that has endured through changing fashion trends, making it a reliable and popular choice.

Why Pair Knitwear with a Suit

Pairing knitwear with a men's suit offers numerous advantages. Knitwear can help transition a suit ensuring it is perfect for both formal and semi-formal events. Whether you're aiming for a business-ready ensemble or a smart-casual look, the addition of knitwear provides you with a fashionable and adaptable outfit for any occasion.


Knitwear can be worn both underneath a suit jacket for a refined look or as a standalone piece. This makes it perfect for all manner of occasions, from a business meeting to a more casual social event.


High quality knitwear materials such as ones with a high organic cotton blend are known for their comfort. Such materials provide a soft warm layer, but one which is also breathable.


Knitwear offers the option to introduce texture and depth to an outfit. Allowing you to break away from the traditional smoothness of a regular dress shirt.

Seasonal adaptability

Lighter knitwear can be used in Spring, Autumn or even on Summer evenings when temperatures take a plunge. While heavier knitwear options provide warmth during the winter months. This adaptability ensures that combining knitwear with a suit remains relevant year-round.

Personal Style

Lastly pairing knitwear with a suit allows for personal expression. You can experiment with colours, patterns, and styles to create a look that reflects your individual style.

Types of Knitwear to Consider

Crew Neck Jumper

A classic choice, a crew neck jumper is versatile and can be worn with both single-breasted and double-breasted suits. It provides a clean and timeless look.

Roll Neck Jumper

A roll-neck or turtleneck jumper can be an excellent choice for a contemporary, stylish look. It pairs well with both single-breasted and double-breasted suits.

Knitted Polo Shirt

For a more casual yet still sophisticated appearance, you can opt for a knitted polo shirt. It's a great choice when you want a relaxed look with a suit.

Quarter Zip

A quarter zip can add a layer of sophistication to your suit. You can choose between button-up or zip-up cardigans to further compliment

Colour Considerations

Choosing the right colour of knitwear to wear with a suit is crucial for achieving a polished and stylish look. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when selecting knitwear colours to pair with a suit:


Navy: A navy knitwear top, such as a jumper or cardigan, is a versatile choice that pairs well with most suit colours. Helping to add a touch of sophistication and depth to your outfit.

Gray: A grey knitwear top complements a wide range of suit colours, from grey and black to earthy tones. It's a safe, timeless option.


Matching the colour of your knitwear to your suit will create a sleek monochromatic look. For example, a grey jumper with a grey suit can be a stylish combination.


If you want to create contrast between your knitwear and suit, you should select complementary colours. For example, a grey knit jumper perfectly complements a navy suit while a deep green jumper with a grey suit can be visually appealing.

Bold and Expressive

Opt for bold and expressive colours, like deep red, forest green, or rich burgundy, to add personality to your outfit. These colours work well with neutral or dark suits and can help to make a strong fashion statement.

Complete the Look

To complete your look consider complimenting your suit and knitwear combo with the following footwear options. Your footwear should align with the formality of the event and your personal style.

Select for classic and elegant dress shoes to maintain a formal or semi-formal look. Popular choices include Oxford shoes - a timeless choice that pairs well with any suit and knitwear outfit. Alternatively, for a slightly less formal but still sophisticated look select a pair of Brogues.

For a more relaxed, semi-formal look, consider loafers. Penny loafers lean more to a formal look, while tassel loafers are perfect for more informal occasions.

Lastly depending on the formality of the occasion and the season, boots can also be paired with a suit and knitwear providing a slightly more rugged but still stylish appearance.