Beyond Thread Count: Understanding the Superiority of Egyptian Cotton in Men's Shirts

Men's Egyptian Cotton Shirt

Often regarded as one of the best fabrics in the world, Egyptian cotton continues to stand the test of time - and for good reason.

Thanks to its breathable fibres, luxurious feel and longevity, Egyptian cotton is one of the finest materials you can invest in for men's shirts.

But why is that? The long fibres found in this cotton are not only incredibly smooth and offer everlasting comfort if cared for properly, but they help to produce some of the best formal shirts that can last for years and see you through countless occasions.

Whether you're after a formal shirt which you can wear to the office, or you're in need of a shirt that is breathable and packed full of longevity for all of summer's events and beyond, an Egyptian cotton shirt will meet all your needs.

Why choose Egyptian cotton for men's shirts?

Egyptian cotton is from the 'Gossypium barbadense' plant - a type of cotton which historically grows along the Nile River and has been used to produce clothing, bedding and other textiles for centuries.

This type of cotton is often laboriously handpicked which means its fibres are likely to remain straight - compared to machine-handled cotton where fibres can break easily.

Post-harvest, Egyptian cotton is so durable it can be spun into incredibly fine threads which creates a higher thread count. In turn, this creates a product that is not only meticulously crafted but comfortable to wear no matter the occasion.

The fibres can be woven in several ways too, such as the Oxford weave, which is used in the manufacturing of men's Oxford shirts, which are known for their high-quality, heavy-duty nature.

Which Shirt Cuff Style Pairs Best with Egyptian Cotton?

If you're after a smart, sartorial look for a friend's wedding or a corporate function, look no further than double cuff shirts to compliment your high-grade Egyptian cotton. Not only do these shirts offer a tailored finish but they can be effortlessly elevated with a variety of men's cufflinks.

On the hunt for something less formal, which still packs a polished feel? Try single-cuff shirts, a must-have in every man's wardrobe to see you through all the seasons.

Which Shirt Collar Style Suits Egyptian Cotton?

At Suit Direct, our Egyptian cotton shirts typically boast cutaway collars. Such collars are angled outwards to be complimented by a fuller tie, making for a suitably formal look to match the fabric's impeccably polished and durable nature.

Cutaway collars are incredibly versatile. You can pair yours with thicker tie knots for more formal occasions, or keep it simple allowing this statement collar to do the talking - perfect for office-wear.

Brands such as Alexandre of England offer some of the best Egyptian cotton styles with cutaway collars. Such pieces are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down, depending on your invite.

Style your Egyptian cotton shirt with laidback chinos for an off-duty office look, or with the best accessories in sartorial dressing from Ted Baker, Limehaus and many more all available at Suit Direct.