Should You Wear A Suit To A Job Interview?

Should You Wear A Suit To A Job Interview?

The key to nailing a job interview? While it's not all down to your choice of outfit, wearing a suit that looks smart and professional can be very effective – don't underestimate the power of a good suit when it comes to boosting your interview performance and landing the job.

Don't know where to start when it comes to choosing your job interview suit? We've got you, with our guide to the essentials that will 'do the job' – just choose from our curated top picks so you can focus on memorising your CV!

How To Dress For A Job Interview

You probably aren't looking to spend a whole load of money on your interview suit, especially if the job you're hoping to get won't require a suit day-to-day. Saving money doesn't mean compromising on quality, though, with Suit Direct's Everyday Occasions. With a curated range of suits, shirts, accessories and shoes in smart, classic colourways, our Everyday Occasions line is the perfect choice for your entire interview look, with affordable pieces that can be mixed and matched for all kinds of events, meaning you'll get the most out of your purchase long after you've aced your upcoming interview.

Choose your outfit based on the role, and let the interviewer able to envision you in the role through your outfit…

Formal Interview Outfits

For highly formal interviews, the black Everyday Occasions suit is your go-to. Pair with a crisp white shirt and black brogues for the most classic of interview looks.

It's worth keeping in mind that unless you're interviewing for a high-profile or especially formal role, a black suit could be seen as 'too formal', especially if the company's day-to-day dress code is on the casual side. In this case, dial things down and go for a charcoal or dark navy suit.

A formal interview look calls for a tie, but choose wisely. Navy and blue are your smart go-to's, and it's wise to avoid bright colours and patterns – these are best kept for events and celebrations. Likewise, plain black ties might make you look like you're off to a funeral if paired with a black suit.

For formal job interviews, keep accessories to a minimum. A tie is the only essential accessory you'll need, with subtle cufflinks or a tie clip optional to add a touch of personality. Avoid unnecessary extras like pocket squares or lapel pins – less is more for a refined interview look that isn't distracting.

Semi Formal Interview Outfits

For most job interviews, you'll want to aim for a semi-formal outfit. Avoid an overly formal black suit, instead try out the Everyday Occasions charcoal or navy suit, and skip the extra accessories and tie, instead leaving your top shirt button undone for an effortlessly smart look.

A semi formal interview look allows you more freedom when it comes to shirt choice, and a plain pale blue or pale pink shirt would be a great option, adding a subtle touch of colour. The pale blue Everyday Occasions shirt works perfectly against a navy suit, creating a monochromatic contemporary look. Likewise, a pale pink shirt with a charcoal suit is a youthful take on smart suiting.

Semi-formal interview dressing allows for fashion-forward footwear options too, and the modern Everyday Occasions tan brogues are especially perfect for pairing with a navy and blue ensemble.

Smart-Casual Interview Outfits

With the boom in hybrid working, workwear in many sectors has dialled down in formality, and smart-casual outfits for job interviews are more widely accepted. However, before opting for smart-casual attire be sure to research the company's dress code – if you find that it's on the casual side, or you're going for a creative role, a smart-casual interview outfit can be a good way of helping the interviewer to envision you fitting in to the existing team. Just make sure you don't go too casual – you still need to show you've made an effort and take the interview seriously.

The versatility of our Everyday Occasions line means you can easily incorporate pieces into a smart-casual look; pair an Everyday Occasions suit jacket with an Oxford shirt and dark chinos, or Everyday Occasions trousers with a patterned shirt and lightweight knit for relaxed but formal style in your interview (keep patterned shirts on the side of subtle, though.) Want to stick to the full suit? The blue Everyday Occasions suit atop a smart polo shirt and finished on clean leather trainers hits the mark, great if you're interviewing for a creative organisation, plus it shows your style knowhow.

Job Interview Tips

A well-fitting suit is the easiest way to show your professionalism. Your outfit makes an impression even before you get a chance to prove yourself in interview, so get your Everyday Occasions pieces tailored if you need to get the perfect bespoke fit.

Similarly, comfort is key, and you don't want to be distracted by an uncomfortable ill-fitting suit. Get your most accurate measurements with a FREE in-store appointment at your local Suit Direct.

Do you need to wear a tie for your job interview? It depends – but generally, it's ok to skip the tie. If the role you're going for is high-profile or very formal, then a tie won't look out of place, but for most interviews it's ok to go without.

Does the company have a signature brand colour? If so, show you've done your research with a subtle touch of it in your outfit, such as with your choice of tie, shirt or socks.

Make sure anything you bring with you is smart and professional, including folders, document holders and bags – no sports bags or totes!

Keep your phone turned off – a notification alert can be distracting and throw you off course mid-interview.

Bring several paper copies of your CV with you, and a reliable pen and note pad – take any notes on paper and not on your phone.

If possible, learn the interviewer's name beforehand, including the correct pronunciation.

What to wear for an online interview? Even though you're meeting your interviewer virtually, it's still important to stick to the above tips. While formal trousers and shoes aren't essential for a video interview, choosing to fully suit up can help you get into the right headspace and boost your performance.