Men’s Health Week: Small Steps to Improving Your Life

Men’s Health Week came about in 1994 with the aim to bring awareness and education to men who often ignore the warning signs for a variety of health issues.
Stress is one of the leading causes of mental health problems amongst men. Bellow you will find our 10 easy-to-make life changes that you can easily incorporate into your day to day life.
1. Make your bed. This sounds silly, but studies have shown that small maintenance like making your bed, or putting your used clothes in the washing basket rather than leaving old socks lying round improves wellbeing and makes you more productive. As William McCraven said “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.”

2. Get away from the screen. This one is easy; when it comes to lunch, move away from your desk and put your phone down even if it is just while you eat. Take some time to break from the digital world. If you are reading this blog whilst eating your lunch, put your phone away and read later!

3. Treat-yo-self. If something good happens, celebrate. A small victory is a victory nonetheless so do something nice for yourself after you achieve something.

4. Exercise. Tranquility is important, but we also need to get moving regularly. Whether it’s 10 minutes of walking, or 2 hours of weightlifting, a bit of motion will make your body as tired as your brain is after a long hard day. Keeping yourself active is the key to keeping your body and mind healthy!

5. Personal development; Learn something new to expand your mind and gain new interests. This could be reading a different genre of book, trying a new recipe, or joining group or course.

6. Look after yourself. Getting a haircut and putting on a fresh suit will make you feel confident because you know you look your best. Taking a small amount of time in the morning and enjoying getting ready will set your day off right.

7. Lists! Creating lists of things you need to do is a great way to time manage and stay productive.

8. Drinking 2 litres of water today is surprisingly easy and massively beneficial for your body.

9. Forget the diet. Time and time again we are trying these fad diets that don’t work! Start by making smaller life changes and build a healthy lifestyle and see slow but permanent change. Add some fruit to your cereal, cut out some sweets, eat less meat… All of these things will slowly but surely improve your diet. Remember its a marathon not a sprint.

10. Finally, do what makes you happy! Start asking yourself, does this situation make you happy? If the answer is no, start taking steps to change that situation. You’ll thank yourself later.

1 in 8 men suffer from mental illness. If you need someone to talk to, seek medical advice or use the fantastic CALM hotline here: 0800 58 58 58 Looking for a suit, shirt, or tie? Suit Direct is the home of men’s formalwear, and everything is at least 30% off.