The Effortless Gent

We all remember that ‘experimental’ outfit phase we went through in our twenties, right? Back then we could do no wrong, oozing effortless style whatever we wore, whether it was a poncho, tracksuit or jeans so skinny they threatened to cut off the blood supply to your feet.

Nowadays though, it can sometimes feel like we’re running out of options. Sometimes wearing suits to the office can feel mundade when you have to do it everyday. However, all is not lost, There are many ways to challenge your wardrobe and take new inspirations from current trends to stay sharp and feel your best at work!

We’ve put together an easy to follow list of fashion tips, outfit ideas and style advice for men to kick start your look and help you dress well without trying in your 30’s and beyond.

Act Your Age

The most important step to effortless men’s style is letting go of yesteryear and taking stock of who you are now. Being 30+ provides all sorts of new ways of dressing that only a man of your esteem could pull off. Your current style should be a testament to your sartorial experience versus the embarrassing naivety of your youth. Wear your age with pride!

You already know that the fit of your suit reflects you as a person. For example, a regular fit suit is more relaxed and comfortable, but undoubtedly classic and traditional. Alternatively, a tailored fit will more effectively show off your body shape and is more playful for dressing casually at the office.

Size Matters

Being 30+ is no excuse to wear an ill fitted suit! Dress to your body type by making sure your suit is flattering yet comfortable; if you are relatively slim then a slim or tailored fit suit will be the way to go whilst a larger build may require a tailored or regular fit. If you work out a lot, an athletic fit suit is most appropriate. Here’s a Suit Direct top tip - if your suit is starting to feel a bit snug, don’t jump for the next size up straight away, get your tailor to let your men’s trousers, jackets and shirts out a pinch so you’re still walking round in that excellent fit garment. There is a casually cool sweet spot between just too tight and a little bit baggy.

Pick your Palette

A disastrous clash is never an option. It can look good on the right person. To be an effortless gentleman, you should be rocking earthy tones, navy and grey hues at work. On a night out you may want to be a little more daring; if you want to change it up, pair your blazer with jeans but ensure the jacket has a weight to it such as a herringbone so it complements your denim. To go out wearing the full suit, you want to wear complementary colours - consider your complexion here and remember not to wear an overbearing shirt; we are going for effortless, not adventurous remember.

Hang Tough

Something else we learnt in our twenties is the importance of looking after our clothes. Yes, this means keeping them clean and properly hung up. Draping your jacket over the back of your chair or, even worse, leaving your outfit in a heap on the floor is a surefire way to ruin the fit that you’ve only just perfected.

Not only will this preserve the clean lines of your effortless look, your clothes will actually last longer as a result. More clothes means more options and, assuming they’re all on the same colour palette, you’ll bridge that awkward gap between business and casual on dress down Friday without even trying.

Devil in the Details

Adding even the smallest personal touch to your outfit can tip the scales between classy and casual. Use a dash of colour to catch the eye or add a bag, overcoat or even an umbrella to fine tune your style and set yourself apart without trying too hard.

Last but by no means least, whilst we’re sure you’ve got your hairstyle down to an effortless art, spare a thought for your skin. Invest in a quality moisturiser to ensure your face is commanding all the experience and confidence of your years whilst still looking as carefree as your fashion sense.