The Lapel Lowdown

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it comes the festive onslaught of Christmas dos, end-of-year parties and black tie soirees. With a lack of regular occasions to suit up in for most of the year, it’s little surprise that younger gents struggle to master the look, which is why we’ve put together a dresswear guide with our top tips. Follow them and choosing your suit will never have been easier!

In part one of the guide, we’re talking suit lapels. They’re more important than you first might think, and understanding the differences between them will help you choose the right style for the right occasion.

There are three main types: notched, peaked and shawl.


The Lapel Lowdown

  • The clue is in the name, a notch lapel is defined by a notch or step
  • You’ll see a visible gap in the fabric where the bottom of the collar and the top of the lapel meet to make a “V” shape
  • Often seen on single-breasted suits and men's blazers, they’re the most common lapel
  • A notch lapel adds a relaxed finish to any suit, and makes for the perfect smart casual attire

Our Satin Notch Lapel is ideal for making a great first impression whether it be at a wedding, interview or family gathering.


The Lapel Lowdown

  • A peak lapel is defined by the bottom edges pointing upwards to your shoulders
  • Often found on double-breasted suits, peak lapels are more formal than a standard notch lapel
  • Historically reserved for tail and morning coats, over the years peak lapels have been featured on more casual jackets and suits, no longer solely reserved for special occasions

Want to stand out at work or a party? Opt for the Black Peak Lapel.


The Lapel Lowdown

  • A shawl lapel has a continuous sweeping curve without any breaks or points which wraps over the shoulders and runs smoothly down the front of the jacket to the first button
  • Typically reserved for dinner jackets and tuxedos, save it for those special black tie events
  • Why not pair it with a bow tie for some added sophistication?

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