How to choose gifts for men who have everything

gifts for men who have everything

Buying gifts for the special men in our lives who seem to have everything can be a tricky business.

Choosing the perfect present may seem daunting, but it is possible to overcome this and find the perfect choice – with our help of course!

It is always important to remember that most loved ones – husbands, boyfriends, fathers, and brothers – will appreciate your effort no matter what, although many of us still really want to surprise and impress the recipient.

So, to help you find the perfect gift for those men who already seem to have it all, we are sharing our top tips to nail the gift buying process.

Do your research

Are there items that will help him enjoy his interests or to explore a potential new hobby? Does he want to try something, or is there something on the bucket list that he’s never quite got round to?

Give him a nudge in the right direction by getting a gift related to his current - or potential new - hobby.

Don’t overthink it

Most men are straightforward when it comes to gifts and are happy that a little thought has been put into the process.

You do not have to spend hours stressing about what is the perfect item - keep calm and always remember - sometimes, less is more.

We have all heard the jokes about getting a tie or socks for Christmas, but there’s a reason these items remain favoured options around Christmases and Birthdays.

And if the tie was this Ben Sherman 'Pink Silk Dogtooth' tie, then we can’t imagine many men not being pleased.

What do they buy for themselves?


If someone buys video games on a regular basis, then it’s sensible to think about something that might help enhance their interest, such as an accessory they might not already have.

When someone is investing their own time and money into a current hobby, gifting them something that complements that interest is a sure-fire winner, especially as it shows that you recognise what is important to them.

How do they spend their time?

If you are searching for a gift for someone who does not spend a lot of money, or who doesn’t seem to have any obvious hobbies, then do not worry, you are not out of options - he must spend his time somewhere!

For example, if they are heavily career-orientated or a lot of their time is spent on parenting duties, then consider something a little more universal that will help them out on a day-to-day basis.

This pair of Grey Harris Tweed Gloves would make the perfect practical gift.

What do they need?

If you spend a large amount of time with someone, start to notice what it is that they ‘need’.

Do his socks have holes in them? Are his t-shirts looking a little tired? Are we approaching the warmer months, with no shorts in the wardrobe?

Seasonal trends

If you are still struggling for inspiration, then consider the time of year and what you can purchase that will be immediately useful.

Using the seasons as a guide, you can find a whole host of gifts that are weather-suitable.

This Jack & Jones grey woven scarf would be a perfect gift ahead of the colder months of the year.

For the high-flyer

gifts for the high flyer man

If you are buying a gift for someone who is career-focused, then consider what their line of work is and buy a gift that is relevant to that.

Does he wear a suit to the office every day? A men’s formal shirt would make a great, thoughtful gift, and this Spot Print Formal Shirt by Ben Sherman will spruce up any wardrobe.

For the sports nut

gifts for the sports nut man

Are you shopping for someone that is sport and fitness-obsessed?

What is going to help him achieve his fitness goals? Are they a bodybuilder, a keen runner or a yoga fanatic? Gifts that they can use as part of their sport and fitness regime will always be useful.

A new towel, a water bottle, sportswear or any sport-related gift will come in useful, and this Ben Sherman drink bottle would be the perfect gift for the gym-goer in your life.

For the style icon

gifts for the style icon man

We all have a stylish man in our life, whether it be a husband, father, brother or uncle, and they can often be the trickiest to buy for, as they always have their eye on the next big trend.

But fear not, there’s a range of classic, timeless gifts that will always be on trend.

Fashion-forward men will always appreciate something that can be styled with other outfits, such as these Ted Baker Square Contrast Cufflinks, which feature a classic design that would match any Ted Baker suit.

For the anorak

gifts for the anorak man

If the man you are buying for is obsessed with a particular hobby then it can be extremely challenging to figure out what to get them, especially as they’ll know a lot more about these items than you.

It can also be tough if you are not certain of his brand preferences or the items he already owns, but you do not have to be an expert to get him a great gift that will help him enjoy his hobby.

For those whose hobby takes them outdoors, this Ben Sherman hip flask would make a great gift, and be the perfect companion for their next rural pursuit.

But above all else, there’s one thing to remember - and that’s to not over complicate the gifting process for the special man in your life.

You can get them a thoughtful gift without getting bogged down in research or spending a fortune - keep it simple and thoughtful and they will love it.

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