What is a smart casual wedding

smart casual wedding

Wedding season is upon us - and so is the stress of the wedding dress code.

Smart casual weddings have increased in popularity as more and more happy couples decide to tie the knot in less formal ceremonies than once were tradition.

However, that doesn’t make it any easier for guests to decipher what they should wear for the big day.

So, what exactly is a smart casual wedding, and how should you dress? Let’s find out.

What should I wear to a smart casual wedding?

When dressing for a smart casual wedding, you are afforded more flexibility with your styling choices than with a traditional, formal wedding.

A smart casual wedding is a strong contender for beach and outdoor settings, as well as summer affairs and generally more relaxed locations.

While it still needs to be appropriate for such an important occasion, formal attire such as tuxedos, dress shoes and dinner jackets are not required.

When dressing for a smart casual dress code, it is all about doing what it says on the tin - striking a balance between the smart and casual elements of dress.

We recommend taking smarter pieces, such as a tailored blazer, and mixing them with more classically casual items, like a linen casual shirt or classic chinos.

What shirt should I wear to a smart casual wedding?

shirts for smart casual wedding at the beach

While the dress code is smart casual, we would still recommend that you opt for a shirt. However, it doesn’t need to be a formal shirt.

More casual options such as checked shirts, Oxford shirts or even funky printed shirts would work well for a smart casual wedding.

Here are our top picks:

What trousers should I wear to a smart casual wedding?

chino trousers for smart casual wedding

When aiming to strike the perfect balance between smart and casual, it can be tricky to decide what kind of trouser to select. Jeans would likely be perceived as too casual, while tailored suit trousers would be far too formal.

We recommend opting for a clean-cut suit trouser with a more relaxed shirt, or even a chino or linen suit. If you are looking for something a bit more unique, go for a check or herringbone design or a fun coloured pair to add a touch of zest.

Check out our favourites:

What shoes should I wear to a smart casual wedding?

Leave your patent dress shoes in the wardrobe; for smart casual wedding you can select a cooler, more comfortable mode of footwear for the big day.

Whether you are a brogues fan or have a preference for a desert boot, your options for footwear are much broader than at a traditional wedding.

Here are our top five pairs:

What accessories should I wear?

accessories for smart casual wedding

Accessories are a fantastic way to show off your personal style and add a finishing touch to your look, and a smart casual wedding is no exception! Accessories like belts, cufflinks and even pocket squares are great options for the big day.

Check out our go-to styles:

Other things to consider

When attending a smart casual wedding, it is important to consider the location. While the dress code may be more informal, you should still take location into consideration.

For example, if the wedding is being held in a church or other religious house then this should be a factor in your outfit choice.

Equally, if the wedding is being at an outdoor location, such as a beach or countryside wedding, take this into account as well.

Linen fabrics and light colours complement a seaside setting, whereas tweeds and checks work well in the country.

But no matter what you wear, ensure your outfit complements your own personal style and is comfortable enough to be dancing the night away.